Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Ode to Pendleton

For the past month or so, a friend and I have been discussing our plans to redo the interior of her Subaru in a Pendleton inspired theme. The textures, colors and prints of their beautiful blankets and sturdy bags are so inspiring - if their goods weren't so pricey I would love to re-upholster everything I own -furniture and otherwise- with their woolly glory. I can only imagine the road trips which would be had in a Pendleton-esque blue Legacy...

Given my love for all things Pendleton, I was more than a little thrilled when I stumbled upon an 'alternative outdoor store' in Portland, and found it contained a rainbow of Pendleton apparel (alongside a fine selection of leather belts, cowboy hats, beautifully crafted rubber boots, and an entire equestrian section! - I long to go on the outdoor adventure that requires one to be outfitted with such American wonders).

I came home with Pendleton in my thoughts, and thus on the tip of my googlefingers, the times being as they are. And so I web-stumbled upon the Pendleton x Opening Ceremony lookbook for Spring (which by the way seems to have already arrived in this here part of the world), at which point I let out a little yelp of appreciation.
I think they did a wonderful job combining the already wonderful classic prints with the ever-trendy plaids. Plus the sunglasses look just like a pair I lost last summer. Which, I dunno, makes me sad. But still. The clothes are great.



  1. So pretty! I love that they did this shoot at the beach, it creates such a relaxed mood.

  2. Such fun prints

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