Monday, January 25, 2010

Whistle while you work

Four of us went up to Whistler this past weekend to relax, cook extravagantly, dance our hearts out, thrift shop, walk around a frozen lake, and remember why it is that our license plates read 'Beautiful British Columbia. I came home feeling refreshed and inspired.

Excited to be back at the sewing machine, I made my first pair of jeans! Ever! My first pair of pants, really, unless you count ones with elastic waistbands made from repurposed Sesame Street bedsheets, which are the kind of pants that cannot really pretend to me approprate for things that do not involve a bed, or tv watching, or chocolate chip cookie baking, etc. etc.

The pant options in my closet these days seem to be limited to skinnies, so I'm excited to have a pair with a different fit- they have sort of a slouchy, relaxed fit, but more girly and tailored (pleats!) than the now ubiquitous 'boyfriend' fit. They look really cute cuffed to show just a bit of ankle.
I haven't made up my mind about what kind of button to use.

Any suggestions?

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