Wednesday, January 6, 2010 that the holidays are in the belly

After a week of indulging in my family's delicious and plentiful cooking in the Okanagan, then tasting as much of Portland as we possibly could in the three days we spent there, I came home full of that special combination of exhausted and inspired that makes a person quite ready to be back home and, you know, their own kitchen.

I sit now with my laptop rested on a belly full of steak, curried portobello mushrooms, brown rice, and a little too much raw cake batter as I: look through pictures from the holidays; wait half-patiently for this chocolate cake to bake, wondering how it will turn out due to the changes I made in the recipe (most of them relating to the pre-baking consumption of a good portion of the chocolate that was to go in the cake); daydreaming about Portland, that wonderful city, and what might come of the email address a young lass scribbled down for us after we got to chatting about an apartment exchange in the summer...


  1. mmmm... sounds wonderful!! xo

  2. oh honey, this sounds delicious. and the photos...wonderful!
    : )