Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giving thanks.

Dear Turkey,

Thank you for making such a succulent, crispy and juicy appearance in my life, fresh out of the oven twice last weekend.

Thank you for letting us drive to a friend's nearby farm to pick you up, and for starring in a beautiful dinner at my friend’s family farm on Vancouver Island.

Thank you for letting my auntie bring you into our new home, roasted to deliciousness for our second feast of the weekend, to share with my own friends and family, along with dishes other family members and myself had prepared- buttery mashed potatoes, honey and goat cheese roasted yams, hearty beans and rice, an unexpected but more than welcome Thai shrimp noodle salad, and pumpkin pie and apple gallete with softly whipped cream.

Thank you for filling Tupperware after Tupperware and then filling our fridge more than any people in their early twenties’ fridge is normally full.

Thanks you for sitting gracefully in between the folded layers of a cheesy omlette, alongside fresh cherry tomatoes and salty feta cheese.

Thank you for letting me fold you and your trusted compatriot and fellow leftover, cranberry sauce, along with yellow bell peppers and goat’s cheese, between torn off pieces of Iranian sesame flatbread and toasting you into a staggeringly delicious combination of flavors.

Thank you for letting me eat you and your stuffing cold out of the fridge for breakfast.

Thank you for letting me cook you into a spicy, gingery udon noodle soup with kale, carrots, green beans and a fried egg.

At this point I would like to briefly address the mashed potatoes and thank them for also combining nicely with leeks and other veggies in a hearty fall leftover soup.

And thank you, Turkey, for finally (fiiiiiinally) making your grand finale in my boyfriend’s (very boyish) tomato pasta sauce, in which you were joined as a protein by both eggs and tofu.

Thank you for the space in my fridge, and the freedom to eat something that is not another reincarnation of yourself.

For all that (and of course many other, more 'serious', things) I give thanks.

And please take no offense, dear Turkey, when I say that although I really look forward to seeing you next, I hope it’s no sooner than Christmas.

Yours Truly,

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