Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fantastic Mr. Berkley Illustration

I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox today, and quite thouroughly enjoyed it. I was thrilled by the beautiful tailoring of the little foxy tweed pants and dress shirts. And as per usual was charmed by the subtle hilarity that is Wes Anderson-ness. Reawakened my love for him. I came home and downloaded - er, purchased - the complete discography of his film soundtracks. I am simultaneously enjoying and wierding myself out by listening on repeat to the Darjeeling Limited sountrack.

Although The Life Aquatic will forever hold my absolute highest regards - soundtrack, costume, casting, story telling technique, comedic ingenuity, and all other elements which for me make a movie one's eyes cannot be peeled away from - the amazing visual effects and joy of watching Roald Dahl's little tale on the big screen were enjoyed to the maximum.
The film made me think of these fantastic illustrations, which I would love to cover my walls with:

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